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PITTSBURGH, Pa., June 20, 2016 -- An expanded p4 summit will be held in the fall this year, hosted by the City of Pittsburgh in partnership with The Heinz Endowments. The event follows the launch of the p4 initiative with an inaugural conference last year attended by more than 300 invited delegates.

This year’s two-day conference, at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center on October 18 and 19, is expected to attract over 500 participants comprising invited community and civic leaders and urban design specialists from across the United States as well as the local southwestern Pennsylvania region. 

With a larger venue this year – the inaugural p4 conference in April last year was held at Pittsburgh’s Downtown Energy Innovation Center – conference organizers will also for the first time set aside room to allow members of the public to attend.

The p4 initiative is based on a central unifying framework of People, Planet, Place and Performance and was launched to create a new sustainable, innovative and inclusive model for development designed to establish Pittsburgh as a “city of the future.” Pittsburgh’s transformation is continuing with a major new wave of development at key city locations, representing approximately 500 acres in Pittsburgh’s urban core.

This year’s conference will include special focus on issues of equity, addressing deeply ingrained social and economic barriers that disadvantage members of Pittsburgh’s community, based on race, ethnicity, gender and poverty. A key principle of p4 is to create a Just Pittsburgh where all are included, a place that embraces creativity and innovation, and most of all equity and fairness for its people.

“There is a reason why 'People' is the first element that makes up p4. Pittsburgh has experienced two prior rebirths that focused on new buildings, roads and bridges – this new movement in the City is the people's renaissance,” Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto said.

The October summit will be hosted by Mayor Peduto and André Heinz, The Heinz Endowments Board Chairman-elect.
 “We have entered a period of change that will have huge ramifications for the quality of life for everyone in our community now and for future generations,” said Grant Oliphant, President of The Heinz Endowments. “Decisions we make over the next 5-10 years will have a profound and lasting impact, and our goal is to create in Pittsburgh a model of excellence that is inclusive, innovative and environmentally sound where everyone can benefit and where no one is excluded.”

Day one of the conference, October 18, will feature guest speakers including Bruce Katz the inaugural cross-disciplinary Centennial Scholar at the Brookings Institution; Angela Glover Blackwell, President and CEO of California-based Policy Link; Richard J. Jackson, MD MPH, Dean’s Distinguished Scholar, Professor Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA; and Angela Blanchard, President and CEO, Neighborhood Centers Inc., Houston. Delegates will participate in collaborative working sessions on a range of issues that include equitable development, community health and affordable housing. Day two of the conference, October 19, will focus on a community dialogue around the philosophy of a Just Pittsburgh, addressing issues such as employment, education and housing.

Organizers are currently finalizing the two-day schedule, and invitations will be sent to invited guests shortly.

Since the first p4 conference, the p4 initiative has continued to build using Pittsburgh’s relationships between and among city governments in the U.S. and overseas, clean technology innovators, universities, and globally renowned architects and planners with the aim of creating a new sustainable and inclusive approach to design, building, jobs training and ways of growing the region’s advanced-technology expertise.

“Our purpose is to continue the community change effort that began at last year’s conference,” said Grant Oliphant. “We are already seeing positive advancements through various important initiatives that have developed or progressed since then and it is critical that we continue to build momentum. We are in a unique moment of time so far as Pittsburgh’s destiny is concerned and those in any kind of leadership role have a responsibility to get it right.”

Further information is available at a special p4 website at: www.p4pittsburgh.org


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